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Alaska is known as the last border of the United States and has the largest territory in the country. Its landscapes are a show of contrasts, with large green areas framed by gray and icy mountains.

If you've never thought of including this destination in your list of places to visit, we're here to make you change your mind! The rich environmental composition, the variety of attractions and the exuberant beauties are unmissable reasons to realize this idea.

Rent a car to visit Alaska

The best way to get to know Alaska is by renting a car - and we can prove it!

After landing at Anchorage Ted Stevens International Airport (ANC), you can pick up the car of your choice and drive along Alaska Highway, a large highway over 2,000 kilometers long.

From there you can understand why the car is the best option to travel: the preserved nature of the state forms some of the most incredible landscapes in the world! Almost 80% of Alaska's territory keeps its ecosystems untouched.

The colorful vegetation, the clear water lakes, the rich variety of wild animal species and the immense ice-covered mountains in the background are part of this scenery. It's no wonder the state is known to be home to some of the most beautiful roads in the USA.

When making the trip with a vehicle, you can stop at any time to enjoy the view, take pictures and enjoy every moment of the tour. This is one of the situations where the road is as dazzling as the sights itself.

If you have any questions about car rental in the USA, rest assured: here, on the Happy Tours website you will find all the necessary information to have comfort and safety in your trip.

What to do in Alaska?

Besides admiring the scenery of the roads, there is a lot to do in Alaska. The main activities are related to wilderness - the cities of the state are not extremely urbanized, which makes it the ideal place for those looking for tranquility and lots of fresh air.

Alaska has some of the largest parks, peaks, mountains and forests in the USA and some of its glaciers are larger than many countries! Contrary to what many people imagine, it is also hot there: it is possible to witness temperatures of up to 30º during the summer.

For this reason, the hottest season of the year is the best to plan your trip - from June to September. However, it is worth remembering that this is the high season, that is, the place will be full of tourists and everything can get more expensive.

Take a look at some of Alaska's unmissable attractions:

- Observe wild animals such as bears, humpback whales, sea parrots, wolves, moose, reindeer, sea lions, seals, orcas, otters, walruses, bison, goats, eagles, hundreds of bird species and much more! The diversity of the fauna is one of the main differentials of the state.

- Be enchanted by the remote natural landscape that includes volcanoes, glaciers, forests, mountains, lakes, swamps, tundra vegetation and icebergs. Visit the countless national parks and hike through the ecosystems to see so much beauty up close.

- Practice adventure sports such as rafting, canoeing, zip line, kayaking, mountain climbing or even cycling. It is also possible to do trails close to the glaciers, such as Harding Icefield.

- Take a cruise or a boat tour to get to know the coast, bays and islands of the region.

- Meet a volcano! The Katmai National Park, for example, is home to 15 specimens, some still in activity.

- Taste the typical cuisine with fish and seafood and buy handicrafts produced by local people.

If you're excited to visit Alaska and be dazzled by all the natural attractions of the state, plan your trip, make a complete itinerary and rent a car with Happy Tours! This will certainly be an unforgettable experience!