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If you're a fan of trips where immersion in local culture is the main attraction, Kentucky is your kind of destination. The land of bourbon craft and Bluegrass reserve locations and adventures for those who are not afraid to put their hands to work and explore amazing landscapes and follow different fun traditions.

The birthplace of Abraham Lincoln and Muhammad Ali and great figures of music reserve great tourist options involving culture, gastronomy, proximity to nature and even the production process of the famous American whiskey that took over 95% of the world's harvest. Definitely a North American state to pay attention to!

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Kentucky Vacations: Distillates, Sports and Cultural Tradition

Although not one of the most sought after destinations when it comes to the United States, fame is always concentrated between California and New York, Kentucky unites two national passions and traditions that have been exported all over the world: horses and artisan distillates.

Everything that involves these two cultural aspects of the state has become a major attraction for its visitors. The traditions are found in the sporting events of the Kentucky Derby, where the union of thoroughbred horse racing and the harmonization of bourbon creates a great space for gastronomic appreciation not to be missed.

The flavors enjoyed with so much garb and elegance in the country's most famous races present diverse influences of traditional cuisine from around the world. Native American spices are combined with English, Irish, German, African American and even Amish culture can surprise. 

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The perfect destination for nature lovers

Few people know it, but Kentucky is one of the most suitable destinations for those seeking a complete refuge in the midst of nature. Among the options of wild adventures, the state offers alternatives from the waters to the largest cave system known in the world.

With about 640 kilometers explored and mapped, the Mammoth Cave National Park is a perfect underground desert for adventurers on duty. To make this excursion, one of the park rangers guides visitors through chambers and limestone labyrinths.

Besides the underground trails, Kentucky is home to two of the country's largest artificial lakes, and as a result, a real paradise for fishing lovers. The state's wide waters are also great for boat trips, buoys and even skiing. If you're a big fan of trails, don't give up Sheltowee Trace National

Kentucky's role in North American history

Are you a big fan of North American history? Know that visiting Kentucky is to be present where great characters of this narrative have grown up. Like Abraham Lincoln and Muhammad Ali, the state is also home to bluegrass pioneer Bill Monroe

Music has a great influence in the region, and like all traditions present in its culture, it is also a great option to be added to your script. With different festivals happening throughout the year, and attractions like the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Owensboro, this is the place for country and folk lovers.

Another curiosity for fans of traditional North American cuisine is that one of the country's main fast foods had its origin in the state. It was there that Colonel Sanders perfected his famous secret recipe for roast chicken and started the global empire known as KFC.

Kentucky is a hidden pearl in the south of the United States that deserves your attention on your next trip to the country. The perfect union between tradition and culture of the state pleases the most different travelers and promises to surprise those who bet on this destination.

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