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Are you thinking of visiting New Jersey? How about renting a car there?

Aluguel de Carros em New Jersey

If you are thinking of renting a car to get to know the state of New Jersey, you are in the right place! Here at Happy Tours, you will find great offers, vehicles with free mileage, no cancellation fee, assistance with mechanical failures, including many other advantages! Continue reading this text to understand the whole process in a simplified and practical way!

Why is renting a car in New Jersey a good option?

Getting to know the beautiful state of New Jersey is an excellent option for you who are looking for a quiet trip, with many beaches and beautiful landscapes. Located in the Northeastern United States, New Jersey is prohibited by the Atlantic Ocean and has a higher population density among all the United States.

Renting a car to get to know the state is an incredible alternative, because it is known for an enormous amount of parks and gardens, so moving between all these options is much simpler if you have a mobility of a rented car.

In addition, the state is also surrounded by beautiful islands and bays. The best known coastal city is a charming Atlantic City, but the motives go far beyond the blue waters and white sands. In fact, a city known as "West Coast Mini Vegas" and, despite not having all the luxury and grandeur of the city of Sin, represents very well the culture of casinos and hotels of high standard.

Another important factor is that Jersey is the next New York and also Philadelphia! The Atlantic in New York for example, takes approximately two hours by car! Tracking in Newark (New Jersey's largest city) to New York can take up to less than an hour - depending heavily on traffic. So, if you have the opportunity to take this mini interstate trip, it's worth it.

How to rent a car in New Jersey?

With a Happy Tours it became much simpler to rent a car in New Jersey. Here in Brazil, you can already prepare everything in advance, avoiding that unforeseen events during a trip hinder all the progress of your plans.

To check rates for any time, place or time of rental, simply select the intervals of your choice and check the availability of cars that align with your needs. So, you can compare the rates for renting a car in New Jersey, and also check the general assignments of the car, such as the number of passengers it can carry, as well as the number of suitcases that can be carried in the trunk.

As the prices they display for you are promotional, the best prices in the market. The quote is in US dollars and can be used only by you who are no longer in the United States. No case of extra charges, in situations where the car is returned to the State of New Jersey, or optional services are inserted, as the fees are added to part of the regular rental amount.

To access the car, the places that need to show some documents, among them: your airplane boarding vouchers, credit card, valid driver's license to drive in your country, and personal identification documents. It is also important to remember that sites between the ages of twenty-one and twenty-four are subject to an additional fee, as well as having restrictions on certain dates.

To check all the brands, models and cities to remove the car in New Jersey, just do your price search. From the information granted by you on the form, presentations as your best options.

See how simple it is to rent a car in New Jersey? Therefore, if you are planning to make this trip, do not waste time and already have your car with the Happy Tours, surely your trip will be much more practical and safe!

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