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Car in Missouri

A Midwest state between Kentucky and Kansas, Missouri is the perfect place for those who like to get in touch with the greatness of nature, visiting the Ozark Mountains and also for those who like to do a cultural program.

Just take a jump at the Kansas City Museum and World War I Memorial to reflect on one of the greatest events in human history. Another must-see tour will be in Saint Louis, where you can contemplate the beautiful Gateway Arch.

Finally, there is what to experience in this wonderful state, and Happy Tours helps you in this journey, providing the best vehicles for locomotion in the USA! Check below how to experience your Missouri experience intensely.

The territory we call Missouri today has been inhabited by humans for at least 12 thousand years! Just imagine all the history and cultural richness that each region and city offers to those who venture across the state.

Certainly, there is no lack of programs to be done here. That is why we have prepared a list with some perfect places for you to make your trip unforgettable.

Curiosities about Missouri

Before we start planning the highlights of our trip, it's worth going into Missouri's culture and history, discovering some curiosities and historical facts about the state.

Join us in this incredible selection of super interesting facts!

  • The name of the state is derived from the name of a Sioux indigenous tribe called Missouris. The word "Missouri" means "people of the wooden canoe".
  • The Gateway Arch, in Saint Louis, is the largest monument built by human beings in the entire country. It has more than 190 meters
  • Missouri has over 6,000 registered caves
  • Kansas City is the city with the most fountains in the world, losing only to Rome. The city is known as the City of Fountains.
  • Richland is the only city in the USA to have a restaurant inside a cave.
  • Missouri is one of twelve states that has an official horse: the Missouri Fox Trotter
  • This is the state with the largest number of currencies with other states: there are eight neighbors.

With more than 170,000 square kilometers, Missouri is a large state, which will require good planning and efficient transportation to make the most of every available attraction and region.

To complete, it is worth remembering that you are traveling to a country with beautiful roads to be appreciated, which makes the idea of renting your car even more interesting.

So, more than ever, it is important that you make the reservation of your vehicle as soon as possible, in a safe and reliable way.

Itinerary in Missouri

As we have always said, planning the places we will visit is one of the main steps to ensure that any trip is made the most of. We know it's hard to have to choose some places when, in fact, we'd like to visit them all.

However, if choosing is hard enough, traveling without planning is even worse! So, save our list of spectacular places with affection for a memorable experience.

  • Lake of The Ozarks

Located in the northern part of the Ozark Mountains, Lake Ozarks was named "The Magic Dragon" because of its slow curves. It was created artificially, using the Osage River, and has become a famous destination since 1931 because of its picturesque environment and water attractions.

Here, you have the option to rent a vacation home to explore the mountains, visit Ozark State Park and even take some golf shots on one of the most challenging circuits in the country.

But the best of all, if you love to relax, is to take a little boat and stretch your legs to enjoy some hours of peace in the lake!

  • Ha Ha Tonka State Park

How about visiting the ruins of a mansion inspired by the European castles of the sixteenth century? This one is for adventurers: Make your presence felt in Ha Ha Tonka State Park. Besides the historical attraction, you'll launch yourself into nature, exploring trails, dolinas and natural bridges.

  • Literary tourism

For those who like to feel the artistic inspiration of their favorite authors, the city of Hannibal has the right attraction. The city was Mark Twain's birthplace, where he grew up and got to know his life influences.

Hannibal's government preserved the writer's home and created museums to celebrate his life, as well as that of his characters, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Soon, you can retrace Twain's steps and imagine what he experienced here as a child.

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  • Gateway Arch

In Saint Louis is located the largest arch in the world, with more than 190 meters. Located on the western side of the Mississippi River, this inverted arch is made of stainless steel and is the largest attraction of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, being a symbol of Saint Louis.

Take a walk along the Mississippi and stop to admire this extraordinary monument! You can still enjoy the expo Museum of Westward Expansion 

One more benefit for you is that we do not charge an additional fee beyond what is established in the contract. Only the lessee's approval of the incorporation of extra services may change the total amount.

In this case, the client will be informed of the extra service offered, as well as the amount he will increase in the total amount to be paid.

Gastronomy in Missouri

No doubt visiting all these places can leave you hungry and ready to devour a good meal. Discover two more than special places to kill

  • Charley's Buffet

For those who are brave and very hungry this will be the right place to get the perfect meal. The buffet variety consists of homemade food made on the spot: mashed potatoes, fried chicken, cooked ham, macaroni and cheese are the stars on the menu.

To finish your meal, the menu offers high quality desserts, with delicious homemade pies. If you decide to pay a visit, remember that the establishment runs on Fridays and Saturdays until 8 pm and the lines tend to be long.

  • Pizza Studio

This is a valuable tip for those who are at St. Louis Lambert International Airport and love to taste a quality pizza. At Pizza Studio you can customize your own meal! 

Use high quality ingredients to give your personal touch to the dish. You can also choose one of the pre-established options, with the option to add even pieces of jalapeno. You can choose from seven sauce options, four cheese options, and several types of vegetables and meats. 

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Really, an irresistible stop!

Now you just have to pack your bags and carefully plan your car rental to make the most of each moment. Who knows even provide a more sophisticated model that offers all the comfort?